Podium – A complete improvement program

Activate your performance with through Podium, a unique improvement program, designed for Quebec manufacturing SMEs with a project to create employment. Get involved in this complete process and invest on the development of your staff’s skills to increase you competitiveness.

How does it work ?

  • One of our advisers comes to see you (1 day)
    1. Visit of the plant and offices
    2. Discussion with employees and managers
    3. Questionnaire covering all the major aspects of the business:
      1. Procurements
      2. Production
      3. Quality management
      4. Human Resources management
      5. Financial Resources management
      6. Business organization
      7. Research, development and engineering
      8. Sales and Marketing
  • We analyze the results of the evaluation and compare them with those of similar companies
  • We send you a complete report
    1. Detailed presentation of your strenghts and improvement opportunities based on best business practices.
    2. Ranking of your results on a scale showing the results of similar companies (benchmarking)
    3. Action priorities suggestion, to be implemented to significantly improve your company’s performance
  • Discussion with the management team about the recommendations presented in the evaluation report
  • Setting the action priorities based on your objectives and available resources
  • Identification of prioritized improvement projects and expected results
  • Choice of competent external resources amongst STIQ’s suggestions and your own contacts
  • Training activities / coaching with your employees to implement the chosen improvement projects
  • Regular project follow-ups with your STIQ advisor
  • Possibility of short, medium and long-term follow-up to carry on the improvement process (Exclusive to members)


The contribution of private and public partners allows STIQ to offer this service at a fraction of the market price!

Furthermore, STIQ is your only interlocutor, because we carry out all the administrative procedures for you.

Exclusive program for members of STIQ.

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