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Best Practices: How to Manage Outsourcing and Procurement during the Pandemic

A free webinar presented by STIQ in collaboration withI J2 Procurement Management, with the financial support of the NRCC.

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Date :
22 avril, 2020
Heure :
13h00 à 14h00



Free webinar, mandatory registration

The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts businesses and their operations. Therefore, their needs and requirements are changed and the supply chains are disturbed or broken. In order to help the managers acquire the necessary tools to face the crisis and prepare themselves to the economic recovery, STIQ intends to inform them on the best practices and approaches to adopt for managing procurement in these difficult times.

By attending this webinar, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the problems generated by the current crisis on factories and their supply chains?
  • What contribution is expected from the procurement function or group, considering the stakes and strategies of the company and its objectives and constraints?
  • What has to be considered at the level of buyers and procurement managers?
  • What are the strategies and approaches adopted for best procurement management?
  • How to build and prioritize an action plan for procurement?
  • How to rapidly develop alternate procurement sources and what elements are to be considered?
  • How to plan the recovery and prepare resuming normal activities?
  • How to rethink procurement risk management post crisis?

A question period opened to all participants will conclude the webinar.

The speakers :

Pierre-Laurent Boudrias, ing., STIQ






Real Julien, J2 gestion d’approvisionnement / GCRL

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